• May 2018

    The Vitamin and Fat Story !

  • September 2017

    Fruits & Vegetables – Shelf Life, Functional Components & Some Facts.

  • March – 2017


  • April – 2016

    Freekeh, Kaniwa, Quinoa – A Superfood. ( Nutrient – rich food considered to be beneficial for health & well being).

  • November – 2015

    BIOCOULORANTS – Future Food Ingredient.

  • July – 2015

    Healthy food ingredients are steadily making their way in the ingredients arena and are game to play it big. The market is up for healthy and natural ingredient makers.

  • November 14

    Food safety is a very important issue in the 21st century due to numerous devastating outbreaks of salmonellosis, cholera, enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli infections, hepatitis A and other diseases in both industrialized and developing countries.

  • June – 2014

    CURRY LEAVES are the sweet smelling leave of small tree, Murraya Koenigii (Linn.) Spreng. Of Rutaceae family native to South.

  • February – 2014

    Pesticides Hazard
    Pesticides are one of the major hazards to Food Safety; occurrence of pesticides in food is a matter of great concern. Pesticide includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and various other substances used to control pests.

  • October – 2013

    Frying- An Interesting Process
    Frying is an interesting process in Food Technology where the temperature of oil is raised to high levels around 200°°°C for fully frying the product to get the desired texture and flavour.

  • February – 2013

    Health & Happiness
    Oils and fats are the most important ingredient in any food recipe as they provide taste texture and above all nutrition. Apart from enhancing the palatability of food it also plays a vital role in metabolic functions of the body.

  • October -2012

    One of the biggest trends driving snacking innovation is “Health and Consumers want to have pleasure”, their cake and eat it, but not feel guilty for doing so.

  • April – 2012

    A Colorful History
    Potato chips had a long and colourful history in the United States. According to food historians, potato chips originated in 1853 at the moon’s Lake House Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York.

  • January-2012

    Drinking just three cup of black tea a day can splash the risk of heart attackby 60 % and dramatically reduce the threat of diabetes, experts say.Researchers believe that the humble cuppa, packed with health giving antioxidant, can help prevent the two killer conditions in a triple prongedattack.

  • May-2011

    Palm oil is an excellent frying medium as it is naturally resistant to breakdown and of-flavour development at high
    temperature. This is due to the presence of an equal amount of saturated and unsaturated fat in the oil, with only 10 percent of polyunsaturated fat. At high temperatures unsaturated fat, in particular polyunsaturated fat, reacts rapidly with oxygen leading to rancidity, off-flavours and polymerformation.

  • January-2011

    Acrylamide is a colourlessand odourless chemical compound that was propelled into the spotlight in 2002 when the Swedish National Food Administratin and the University of Stockholm reported considerably high levels of this WHO Group.

  • October-2010

    Stakeholders in the foodindustry are expected to know the safety standards and related rules. But it is alarming to note that roughly one third of the key implementers are ignorant of the Act and the rules there under. A survey conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)concluded.

  • July-2010

    The food ingredient market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2010-11. India is witnessing a 14-16% growth in the ingredient market. Healthy food ingredients are steadily making their way in the ingredients arena and are game to play it big. The market is up for healthy and natural ingredient makers.