Company offers selective and niche products to cater the requirements of valued clients globally -
we are certified by CRAS UK for ISO 22000-2005 and other accreditation bodies, which
ensures our service quality as per International Standards.

International Business _ Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh Produce

Farm Fresh produce includes but is not limited to process grade or chip grade Potatoes, Table Potatoes and other related produce where procurement is done directly from the farmers / growers then tested, graded and finally packed as per specifications.

We take up contract farming where the company provides the required quality seeds to farmers and advise them for Good Cultivation Practices from time to time and pre harvest experts monitor the quality during growing of the produce. The produce before harvesting is tested for required quality parameters before making any purchase commitment.



Soya Product(s)

Defatted Soya Flakes / Grits suitable for extrusion cooking for extrusion of Texturize Soya Protein products which are processed and packed under specific processing conditions with critical NSI / PDI and Protein content. Other products include – High Protein Concentrate, Full Fat Soya Powder/Grits and Soya TVP Grits & Chunks etc.


Spices and Condiments

Formulated, selective spices, oleoresins, extracts are being get processed as per our specifications and requirements. Custom made range of dry seasoning for snack food is processed & exported.


Food Ingredients

We get different type of Natural Food Ingredients processed and supply the ingredients required in manufacturing of various food products according to the standards laid down by Food Safety Management Systems.

International Business _ Consolidate


We also take care of the requirement of different products, plants and machineries, spares etc. required by our customers abroad. Apart from the above-mentioned products, we’ll be happy to provide you with any specific product/ingredient that you require.